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This is a 3 question, 15 minute recorded video reading!!  You may ask up to 3 questions (no legal or health questions please).  Questions may pertain to the same topic or each question may relate to a different issue!  The choice is yours!  Your reading will be delivered within 24 hours of payment.  All readings are uploaded to my Youtube channel and an unlisted private link will be sent to you through the email address given when purchasing (please let me know if you wish a different email address to be used).  


What is required from you?   I will need all names and bdays (if possible) if the reading involves another person(s).  I need details pertaining to the questions.  A brief summary is required. 


DISCLAIMERS:  Please book your reading with honesty and true heart.  I will refund any reading which I feel the questions are dishonest, violent, contain abuse or are generally false or dangerous in nature.  In rare cases, your video reading may be delayed but will be uploaded within 48 hours of purchase.  No refunds will be provided or offered, so please book your reading responsibly. While my timelines are usually very accurate.... As with all readings, time lines can change.  Time is a human construct, not spiritual.   Video reading is 15 minutes in total, not per question.  


I look forward to meeting you and through spirit, helping to guide you. 


3 Question, 15 minute personal video reading!

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