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Custom Crystal Pyramids/Organite

Available Online

Create a custom pyramid formation, made of resin, metals & crystals..

  • 30 minutes
  • Starting at $65.00
  • Online

Service Description

Welcome to Oracle Intuitions, where we take pride in crafting bespoke Organites with love and positive energy, tailored to accompany you on every step of life's journey. What is an Organite/Organelle? Orgonite is a unique substance made from resin, metals, and quartz, designed to balance and harmonize bio-energy—also known as orgone, chi, or prana. How Can it Help? Our Organites are meticulously created through personalized consultations, allowing you to completely customize your piece to align with your decorative/design preferences and spiritual and healing goals. What Can be Customized? Choose from three distinct sizes of Organites: Small, starting at $65.00CAD Medium, starting at $95.00CAD Large, starting at $120.00CAD Select your preferred colors, including options like glitter, metallics, gold flakes, and more. Our service goes beyond aesthetics, offering rare quality crystals and gems tailored to your budget and objectives. While some elements are included, remember that this service is entirely customizable. In a unique offering, we extend an invitation for clients to send in meaningful items they'd like preserved within their Organites—whether it's a loved one's jewelry, cherished pictures, or even family members' cremation remains. Book this Service Embark on a transformative journey by booking a free consultation to create your customized healing Organites for both you and your home. Experience the power of personalized energy harmonization at Oracle Intuitions.

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